The cockeyed brother of Lady Contrivance, Lord Implausibility is also the creation of Potcsues and features on occasion in the Department of Technical Errors. Just as his sister follows story contrivances, this fop appears whenever something occurs in fanfiction that stretches credulity.

Description Edit

Here follows a description of Lord Implausibility on the occasion that six fangirls beat Aragorn, Legolas, Rúmil, Haldir, Elladan and Boromir at volleyball:

He looked extremely pompous, but was decked out in a pink jester’s suit with bright green polka dots. It hurt to look at Lord Implausibility, but Isaiah supposed that was the idea.
Department of Technical Errors, "Mary Sue's Mind Control"

Lord Implausibility also possesses a BB Gun of Doom, which he will use with abandon whenever someone who really shouldn't win an athletic contest somehow does.

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