Logicillin is a medication that helps to cure Sue-related infections and ward off Sueish traits. It is taken by ex-Sue agents, rescued children of Sues, and recruited OCs with Sueish tendencies.

Logicillin comes in intravenous and pill form.

The idea for Logicillin may have come from "Miracles to Come," a satirical newspaper article from February 1951 by Truman Twill. In the article, Twill describes several miracle drugs that medical science might create given "enough encouragement and white mice to work with." Among them is:

Also a miraculous compound to be called logic-illin which will keep fuzzy thinkers on the track when they are trying to state a point of view on a controversial subject, because il-logicitis is more to be dreaded in the modern world than leprosy used to be dreaded in the ancient world.[1][2]

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