Liz is an agent in the Department of Floaters. She is written by Silv.

Appearance Edit

Liz is on the petite side, tall and lanky. She’s got a rectangle-y body shape and broad shoulders for her build. Her hair goes down to her shoulder blades in a curly, thick, dirty-blonde mess that frizzes when it feels like it, and her eyes are a dull gray/blue.

She typically wears simple, solidly colored cotton hakama and kosode, traditional Japanese clothes.

She’s somewhat short-sighted and has fairly plain semi-rimless glasses that are photosensitive, and occasionally forgets to put them on in the morning.

Around her neck is a choker of silvery metal with an oval gem of blue as the centerpiece, which she never seems to be without.

Personality Edit

When first meeting people, Liz is often very reserved due to social anxiety. Once she's comfortable with someone, or if they happen to catch her when she's lacking in spoons, out comes an acerbic tongue, dry sarcasm, and self-depreciating humor. Despite her sense of humor, she usually does try to be nice, and has a healthy respect for most people unless they demonstratively don't deserve it.

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