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Agent Liu Siyuan (留思源) (birth name Liu Wang 留望) is a cultivator working in the Department of Bad Slash. As of HST 2021, he is the sole agent in HQ qualified enough to handle the Mo Dao Zu Shi/The Untamed fanfiction explosion, and he is not very happy about this.

Liu Siyuan is written by Lily Winterwood.

Agent Profile[]


Liu Siyuan is an upper-level member of a cultivation sect based in Liuying Valley (T: 流螢谷 / S: 流萤谷 / lit. 'Valley of the Fireflies') in an unpublished undisclosed original fiction world. Sometime in late 2018 HST, he messed up an array and landed in HQ. After a brief stint in FicPsych to recover from the shock of being removed from his home continuum and way of life (and to make sure his golden core was intact), he was recruited to handle missions for cultivation novel continua for the Department of Bad Slash. Given that the Mo Dao Zu Shi/The Untamed English fanfiction explosion started mid-2019, he has a lot of backlog to get through.

(Technically, he should be dealing with Chinese-language fics. Let's just assume his translator is good enough to let him handle English ones.)


Liu Siyuan is described as 'imperious', with long dark hair partially bound in a topknot, dark eyes, and hanfu robes in shades of black and grey. He wears a genre-appropriate version of the Bad Slash duck on his robes: a three-eyed mandarin duck. Since mandarin ducks are already a symbol of marital bliss in Chinese culture, a three-eyed duck could be considered a marital abomination.


Liu Siyuan is still getting used to the idea that HQ is basically his new sect now, despite having been here for more than two years. He is not incredibly sociable, preferring to cultivate in his RC in his rare downtime moments. However, he has also been known to show up to HQ's mahjong circuit, even though he doesn't actually know how to play the game (and HQ's mahjong rules are a confusing mix of American, Hong Kong, and Vietnamese rules, plus a 'Mary Sue' tile that does basically anything its wielder wants). He's a little melancholy and kind of defensive about his culture, but he can also be persuaded to unlock his shizun mode and teach people about cultivation or calligraphy or pipa-playing.

Relationship with Jacques Bonnefoy[]

Liu Siyuan has a grudge against Jacques Bonnefoy, because the latter has gotten himself restricted from the Mo Dao Zu Shi continuum in the middle of a fanfiction explosion. There is absolutely no tension here, no siree.

Exorcism Style[]

Liu Siyuan does exorcisms like a cultivator rather than your average PPC exorcism: he writes a charge list in red pen on joss paper and uses that as an exorcism talisman before calling on the canon to purify the characters of the Sue-wraiths.

He has a spiritual sword, Chimu (T: 遲暮 / S: 迟暮 / lit. 'dusk'), and a pipa which he does not usually cultivate with, though it does serve as a good blunt-force weapon.

His Analysis Device has been modified by Makes-Things to resemble the System in the Scum Villain's Self-Saving System, with projected menus and a particularly obnoxious voice that announces the OOC percentages and talks back to him. This annoys him sometimes.


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