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The Second Generation of cards in the PPC Card Game expanded the number of fully playable fandoms to two (LotR and HP), while allowing marginal playability in two others (Sci-Fi and Anime). There are five types of cards — locations, monsters, canons, Mary Sues and Agents. The cards are available here (at the bottom right).

The CardsEdit


Mary SuesEdit


  • Urssa Lava Caves: SF
  • Kamiya Dojo: Anime
  • Eternal Sphere Database: SF
  • Great Hall: HP
  • DADA Room: HP
  • Second Floor Bathroom: HP
  • Astronomy Tower: HP
  • The Lake: HP
  • Forbidden Forest: HP
  • Potions Dungeon: HP
  • Chamber of Secrets: HP



  • Luther the Creator: SF
  • Hitokiri Battousai: Anime
  • Crosell the Marquis: SF
  • Orcs: LotR
  • Moaning Myrtle: HP
  • Aragog: HP
  • Greasy!Snape: HP
  • Giant Squid: HP
  • Great Eagles: LotR
  • Basilisk: HP
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