Link was a Mary Sue slain by Agents Jay and Acacia. She appeared in a Lord of the Rings badfic.

Character History Edit

Link (whose name could have been chosen by a fangirl with a comorbid addiction to Legend of Zelda) was a half-elf whose chief purpose in life seemed to have been throwing the Fellowship wildly out of character while angsting (complete with blood-red tears) about being a half-elf.

Charges Edit

Link was charged "that you have altered canon—screwed with the characters of Legolas, Elrond, Gandalf, and the rest of the Fellowship to boot—that you have altered the physiochemistry of the Elves—that you have inserted yourself where you should not be, and done it badly—and that you piss me off."

Character Demise Edit

After Link nearly killed Legolas through sheer bad characterization, the agents stepped in. During the struggle, Link stabbed Acacia (who promptly got better, making it quite a useless gesture).

Acacia shot her in the throat with an orcish arrow, allowing Legolas to recover from his uncanonical near-death experience.

The body was given to Lux and Sean, and its fate is probably better left unpondered.

Mission Report Edit

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