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Lilith Wydenbrooke was the Suvian clone of Agent Eledhwen Elerossiel and the factory manager of Happily Ever After, Ltd., formerly known as FGenMS08 before her takeover. Her attempt to assume control of the League of Mary Sue Factories in HST 2011 caused an arms race for the Vambiolaria Bomb[1] as well as an attack on the International Academy of Hetalia Fanfiction, which resulted in her death at the hands of Alfred F. Jones and Ivan Braginski.


Lilith was created as part of the Yarrow's experiments in Suvian clones of existing characters.[2] Her baseline character is Eithriel Elethwen, a background extra from The Lord of the Rings who appeared in the coronation scene in Return of the King.[3] Eithriel had been kidnapped from Middle-earth by Factory Sues posing as Parody Sues; after Lilith's decanting, the Yarrow informed Eithriel that she would be executed, and Lilith was to take her place in the canon as a sleeper agent.[2]

However, before he could put this plan into action, the Yarrow was killed during the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion of PPC HQ. In the ensuing power struggle at the League, Eithriel (under the alias Eledhwen Elerossiel) managed to escape FGenMS08. She notified Upstairs about the League's movements, and was granted asylum and partnered with Christianne Shieh.[4]

Factory Manager[]

After Eledhwen's escape, Lilith rose through the ranks of Factory Sues to become the Factory Manager for FGenMS08, rebranding it "Happily Ever After, Ltd." to better suit her tastes.[2] She then made a power play for head of the League of Mary Sue Factories, in opposition to the Venomous Tentacula. In her plans for total domination of the League, she attacked the International Academy of Hetalia Fanfiction, hoping to use the takeover of IAHF as a pawn in her power play in the League.

Fortunately for everyone else, she didn't succeed. Lilith was killed in late May 2011 HST by Hetalia Nations Alfred F. Jones and Ivan Braginski, after killing IAHF Nurse Takara and splitting the personalities of IAHF's Course Coordinators Allen Clarke and Hugh Fraser.[5]

PPC Badfic Writer[]

Lilith Wydenbrooke is also one of Lily Winterwood's fanbratsonas for the PPC Badfic Game. She is responsible for repeatedly annoying Eledhwen and Christianne by pairing Eledhwen with other people such as Lori Starrett[6] and Hugh Fraser,[7] and portraying Christianne as abusive. She also likes to self-insert into OFUM, of all places, and romance OFUM!Legolas while pretending she's a Frodo Fangirl.[8] Who knows what other dastardly badfic deeds she has stashed up her sleeve for future Badfic Games.