Lilith Wydenbrooke would like it very much if you called her the Lady of the Wintry Woods. She is the Suvian duplicate of Agent Eledhwen Elerossiel, and the two never acknowledge the other's existence unless forced to do so. This is because the two are practically opposites of each other in terms of personality.

Eledhwen had to put up with her clone for a few months before the head of the Mary Sue Factory that held her prisoner notified her that she was to be executed and Lilith was to take her place in the canon, where she had been a Random Generic Elf often coerced into playing the role of a bit character in fanfic. Knowing her duplicate's Suvian persona, Eledhwen lamented the destruction of her home continuum. She managed to escape to HQ before her execution to bring news of the Factory to Upstairs.

Since Eledhwen's escape, Lilith had grown some brains and become more devious and manipulative, eventually rising to become the Factory Manager for the Mary Sue Factory Happily Ever After Ltd. She sought to take control of the League of Mary Sue Factories, opposing the Venomous Tentacula in doing so. In her plans for total domination of the League, she attacked the International Academy of Hetalia Fanfiction, hoping to use the takeover of IAHF as a pawn in her power play in the League.

Fortunately for everyone else, she didn't succeed. Lilith was killed in late May 2011 HST by Hetalia Nations Alfred F. Jones and Ivan Braginski, after killing a nurse at IAHF named Takara and splitting the personalities of IAHF's Course Coordinators Allen Clarke and Hugh Fraser.

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