Leyuu is an MPreg baby rescued by Valon Vance and Kala Jeng in their seventh mission together. He is written by Voyd.


Leyuu was born to two Stus: One was a character replacement of Harry Potter that claimed to be half-sphinx, and one was a member of a noncanonical species called "ember dragons." He was born in-fic, and rescued by the RC 211 team. He was originally named Xan, but his adoptive mother decided to change it to a portmanteau of Leo and Ryuu (the Latin and Japanese words for lion and dragon, respectively).

In 2025, Leyuu is shown to basically be a catboy with draconic features. He greatly admires "Uncle Valon" and "Aunt Kala," and wishes to be in the Department of Floaters when he's old enough to be an agent. He is good friends with Ruth, Seren Sato's bonded dragon. Like any dragon should, he likes shiny objects, which sometimes leads him to try stealing Valon's wedding ring. Word of the author is that he can also breathe fire and fly short distances, though because of badfic genetics taking their toll, he cannot cast spells. In essence, he's a Squib.

In 2036, Leyuu is now an agent operating from RC 211, and Valon and Kala are nowhere to be seen. He's taken over the RC with his sense of decoration (translation: lights and gems everywhere), and he's also taken ownership of the minis.


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