Lex Freeman is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues. He is written by Lilac Lielac.

Agent ProfileEdit

Lex is about 5'9" and lanky. He wears almost exclusively reds and golds; his only concession to the PPC uniform is a pair of black sandals with the DMS logo on the front straps.

If it seems like Lex acts strangely, it's only because he's autistic. He dislikes change, and has a whole closet of exactly the same clothes so he can 'wear' the same thing three weeks in a row without the associated stench. He's obsessed with the history of music, though not so much actually listening to it, and can spend hours wandering Wikipedia articles -- and even longer expositing about said articles, if he finds someone who'll hold still long enough. He's hypersensitive to loud noises and time distortions, and will human-bluescreen and curl up if faced with them.

Lex also absolutely adores Lovecraftian horrors, like his mini-Nightgaunt Cthulu.

Agent HistoryEdit

Lex was recruited in mid-April 2013 and assigned to be Kayla Morrison's partner. On his way to her RC he ran into an agent trying to wrangle a mini-Nightgaunt, and offered to take him off the agent's hands.

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