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In the Real World, Leto Haven is a Boarder and Permission Giver. He is among the most senior Boarders, having been around since the time of Jay and Acacia. He appears sporadically, which is recently due to traveling to Japan to teach English. When giving Permission, he usually asks that the petitioner's first mission be sent to him to read when it's finished.

He shares his name with the fictional proprietor of the PPC General Store.

Character Profile[]

Leto is a human from Canada, in World One. He stands at about six feet in height and is dark-haired. He is owned by Smeagul the mini-Balrog and Pheonix the mini-Aragog. He is married to Jane, a magical, shape-shifting dragon from the Rifts universe. They have triplets that are still hatchlings. He is friends with Agent Milask and Chiad.

As proprietor of the PPC General Store, which is located in a plothole suspended between PPC Headquarters and the Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth, he spends much of his time enforcing the HFA-recommended Bleeprin quota for PPC agents and trying to prevent canon characters who aren't allowed chocolate from sneaking it out of the store. He has trouble keeping both in stock. In addition to general supplies and weapons, he also sells magical items, some of which are of his own design—but he won't sell anything too overpowered to agents.

In 2009, he volunteered the store as the venue for the Memorial Party to commemorate those who died in the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion. He, Jane, and Milask acted as hosts, providing music, food and drink, a toast, and fireworks.