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The Les Misérables Songfic Crisis took place early in 2006 HST. The agents of the Eclectic Subdivision of Advanced Species played a central role in this crisis, which has received minimal coverage otherwise. Possibly because Elcalion hasn't written about it yet.

The Crisis began in February 2006 when many plotholes opened in various fanfics being investigated by PPC agents (as well as some plotholes to the Real World). The plotholes transferred many PPC agents, PPC Boarders, Mary Sues, and other sundry extra-canonical characters into the Les Misérables continuum. The pressure of the non-canonical characters forced the Les Mis continuum into songfic mode, trapping agents and Boarders within the continuum and forcing them to re-enact the events of the musical... in song.

Records of the Crisis are incomplete, but it is known that the Sunflower Official sent a small number of additional PPC agents into the Les Misérables continuum to attempt to rally the agents (and Boarders) trapped within the continuum and return the universe to its normal state by removing all non-canon influences.

The Crisis may be an example of a major Ficverse Fusion event.