Not to be confused with Rez Montrose.

Agent Lena Montrose is an assassin with the Department of Mary Sues, in the Pirates of the Caribbean Division.

Agent Profile Edit

Lena does not suffer fools lightly—she isn't a big fan of weak characters. She vehemently dislikes puns of any sort, thanks to a certain teacher and an uncle who will remain nameless. She has a soft spot for all things piratical. Lena is very fond of rum and high-heeled shoes (and will always rush out to buy the newest re-imagining of the Chanel two-toned pump at the beginning of the season), occasionally to the detriment of her performance, and a sucker for cute guys such as Will and Jack. Her weapons of choice are "guns!! (and cannons, but that's another story)."

It is known that she originally worked in the ER fandom, but few reasons are given for her removal. Perhaps the loss of her original partner (currently on extended leave of absence for extreme mental instability) convinced her superiors that she needed a change of scenery—much to her chagrin. Her former partner, Ethan Fox, is rumored to be a semi-fic blip look-alike for Doctor Carter (possibly overwhelmed by the depravity practiced by OCs on his doppelganger) and very dear to her. She always makes sure to visit him in Psych when she gets the time, hoping for a miraculous recovery. She also wishes to one day return to ER PPCing, though her penchant for Carter has a tendency to get her in unnecessary trouble. Lena is currently the techspert of the team and manages those gadgets which mystify Glass.

Since September 2003, she has been in the Pirates of the Caribbean Division, partnered with Agent A. Gallowglass in RC #23.

Glass and Lena have completed one mission. Glass and Lena's second project is ongoing, as they seem to be particularly vulnerable to the vagrancies of Sue-time. In fic-time they have been inside the story for only a day, but in HST it has been well over a year.

She is proficient in first-aid and enjoys sailing, despite a tendency to sea-sickness.

Mission Reports Edit

Home: RC #23

Partnered with Glass Edit

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