Lembas in its mallorn-leaf wrapping.

Lembas is a type of waybread made by the elves of Lothlórien. It is known for being extraordinarily sustaining, being able to keep a strong man on his feet for a day with just one bite, and quite tasty. It also keeps very well, especially when stored in its mallorn leaf–wrapping. All of this makes it very handy for nutrition-deprived agents on the job, when they can snag a piece.

As Merry and Pippin found out in the movies, it is not advisable to eat a whole lembas cake. Let alone several.

Lembas in Fandom Edit

Due to its unique nature, lembas is celebrated in the PPC, and the Tolkien fandom in general, with various permutations.

Galadriel Brand™ Lembas Edit

Brought to the PPC courtesy of Boarder Jen Littlebottom, Galadriel Brand™ Lembas is gotten directly from the Lady of Light herself. Says Jen, "I just have Maeluiwen go ask for more for me. Works every time. :)" This waybread comes in such exciting flavors as Orange-Mango, Strawberry-Kiwi, and, of course, Chocolate. Jen used to distribute this Lórien-o-rific lembas as a gift to newbies (or, occasionally, pelt them with it), and also on birthdays and when people did uberspiffy deeds. However, if you are not new, are not celebrating your birthday, and have not just done an uberspiffy deed, it may be rather expensive.

"Special" Lembas Edit

Brought to us courtesy of "BagEnders," "special" lembas is exactly what you think it is. It is not for minors, but it is great for parties. Duuuuude.

Lembass Edit

Created by careless typists, lembass is nothing like the real thing, and tends to smell like fish and/or bite those who attempt to eat it. Thanks a lot, typists.

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