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Leila Asher is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues, formerly of the Department of Intelligence. She is partnered with Julius Riddick.

She is written by Edward Wilder.


Leila is actually above average height for her age, and only seems short when standing next to her partner. She has cropped mouse-brown hair, rather delicate features, and some old scars along her wrists that Julius is pretending not to notice (so long as he doesn't see any more of them). She's fairly petite, although not as much as she would like, and tends to devote most of her strength to lugging around her enormous custom-made backpack.


Leila's past is largely unknown. Unlike her partner, her silence regarding her origins comes not from a desire for secrecy, but from a belief that said origins are unimportant. This has not yet stopped Agent Riddick from coming up with a number of bizarre (though not improbable) theories.


Leila gets very shy around new people, but is exuberant to the point of disbelief once she opens up to someone, which she does pretty quickly. She tends to address everyone as "matey" or "good sir" and uses unusual aphorisms. Leila isn't very good at fighting, and was assigned to DMS because she's (relatively) good with computers, good at assembling charge lists, and familiar with many, many canons her partner's never heard of. (Of course, these are the official reasons. It could be to piss off Julius as much as anything else.) She has thus far resisted her partner pressuring her to take weapons training, but that could change.

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