Not to be confused with Lee or Amelia "Lee" Keaton.

Leelee is an agent in the Department of Bad Parody, Troll Division. She was written by an author of the same name.

Agent Profile Edit

Leelee is a young woman with long blonde braids that put people in mind of charming Alpine orphans named Heidi.[1]

She is a reformed troller who was recruited because the agent assigned to her "masterpiece" of literature, "Legolas and the Mermaid," saw promise in Leelee's ability to crawl inside the head of a Suethor. Leelee tried to back out, but annoyed Smurly the receptionist in the process and was quickly assigned to Agent Marokee Brin. She considers both Marokee and her other partner, Saphie Ellings, to be insane.[1]

As a hobby, Leelee reads "women's" magazines "to keep up on the latest trends in the subjugation and objectification of women. Not that I'm bitter."[1]

She is owned by a mini-Balrog named Sma (presumed to be a misspelling of Smaug).[2]

Mission Logs Edit

Home: The Troll Hunters at

Partnered with Marokee and Saphie Edit

References Edit

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