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The Leeds 2009 PPC Gathering took place on Saturday September 5th 2009, ostensibly in the Royal Armouries. However, it should be noted that the latter half of the Gathering took place in the pub.

Three Boarders attended the Gathering: Laburnum (in cosplay as Hemlock), Cassie Cameron-Young, and Paddlebrains. Ansela was unable to attend due to being stuck in Derby at the time. Despite promising to make an effort to show up, Ekyl was also unable to attend, mostly due to having neither a ticket nor the correct papers and funds for international travel.

Principal events of note include the vast collection of shinies, the elephant, a further sighting of Acacia, and a wide selection of Belgian fruit beers. Fun was had.

An Official Gathering Report by Paddlebrains can be found here.