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Lee is an agent-trainee with aspirations of joining the Department of Misplaced Flora and Fauna. She was written by Chak.

Lee is a young woman with dark hair and dark brown eyes, and is not very tall. She was not at all pleased with the effect the Movies had on the Lord of the Rings fandom and blames Peter Jackson for "ruining Faramir" and giving Sues the idea that the Evenstar is a necklace that grants immortality or undying love to its owner.

She was assigned to Agent Ginger for her training, which ended at the time of her assassin's exam, when she was assigned to a mission with Agent Joe in the DMFF. Ginger accompanied them to keep track of Lee's points. At the end of the mission, Lee earned ten bonus points for suggesting they feed the Sue to Ungoliant because "her growing really, really fat will not damage canon either. In fact, it is perfectly canonical." She passed, but what became of her afterward is unknown.