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The Logo of the League of Mary Sue Factories

The League of Mary Sue Factories is a terrorist organisation of Mary Sue Factories led by the Venomous Tentacula, who defeated the Forget-Me-Not for control of the organisation after the death of the Yarrow. They organised themselves from the remaining Mary Sue Factories following the death of the Mysterious Somebody and the destruction of the FGenMS01 Factory which had been his power base. According to the Sunflower Official, as of March 1, 2008 HST, they have begun to make threats towards the PPC. On the twelfth, they unleashed a macrovirus in HQ. When the bugs were cleared away, they invaded HQ, but the Yarrow's death threw the LMSF into disarray.

One of the League's factories is said to have taken Agent Eledhwen Elerossiel prisoner and performed cloning experiments on her. The result was Lilith.

In 2010 HST, the League of Mary Sue Factories underwent an arms race to obtain the Vambiolaria Bomb, which resulted in the splitting of the League into two factions between those who supported Lilith and those who supported the Venomous Tentacula as head of the League. In 2011 HST, Lilith planned to take over the International Academy of Hetalia Fanfiction on her way to waging war with the Tentacula faction of the League, risking a fight on two fronts.

Fortunately for everyone else, though, Lilith did not succeed and was killed in the battle at IAHF. Unfortunately for everyone else, the Mary Sues of the League are now in possession of the Vambiolaria Bomb.