Laurel has the questionable honor of being the first Mary Sue ever recorded to be slain by Agents Jay and Acacia. She was written by Queen of Rock and appeared in one story in The Lord of the Rings.

Character History Edit

Laurel was a punk rocker from Earth who was transported to Middle-earth along with the rest of her band. In Rivendell, the trio became guests of Elrond, and Arwen arranged for them to be dressed in "locally appropriate" clothing: a gown and robes. At the Council, the band played a rock song which mesmerized the other attendees. Even Gandalf cheered when the band was done playing—though, of course, that may have been in celebration of the end of the song rather than the song itself. Both Legolas and Boromir developed quite a thing for Laurel. The band joined the Fellowship when it left Rivendell at dawn.


Laurel was charged with "disrupting the canon by joining the Fellowship, bringing twenty-first century knowledge to Middle-earth, interfering with the characters of... at least ten people, so I won't list them all, but most severely Legolas and Boromir; and also being a Mary Sue."

Character Demise Edit

Shortly after leaving Rivendell, the agents, in the guise of orcs, intervened. The Sue was shot with a poisoned arrow; her two band-members were shot in the head. The corpses were fed to the Watcher in the Water.

Mission Report Edit

  • "Rambling Band" also appears in an MST by Jay and Acacia here, although only part two has survived.
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