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Laura Roslin, a character unique to BSG's Reimagined Series

Laura Roslin is the President of the Twelve Colonies in Battlestar Galactica's Reimagined Series. She has a thirst for power and apparently a nice set of legs.

In Canon[]

Laura has wavy red hair, though that gives way to a wig later on in the series. She uses reading glasses and only has three outfits.

Laura Roslin was formerly a schoolteacher on Caprica. She was appointed Secretary of Education by Richard Adar (with whom she had an affair). When Adar and nearly the rest of humanity was destroyed by the Cylons, it turns out that Roslin was the highest ranking government official left and she was sworn in to the Presidency of the Twelve Colonies. She and Bill Adama try to lead the survivors of the attack on to a new home.

Roslin also has breast cancer. To combat it she takes an herbal drug called chamalla, which causes her to hallucinate and have crazy dreams. Coincidentally, these visions have been foretold by ancient prophecies, which also hint at something about a dying leader who will lead the humans to Earth. Convinced that she is the leader mentioned, Roslin starts obsessing over trying to find a way to Earth.

Sometimes she can be quite a b*tch, but she is also willing to listen to people.

In Badfic[]

In one particular badfic which shall remain unnamed, Laura Roslin is a victim to vampire!sex and vampirism in general, as well as being the mother to a Vampire!Sue. She is also known to be a mother, grandmother, or even aunt to Mary Sues.