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Agent Lasa is young, blonde, and exceedingly angry. She is prone to tension headaches and other symptoms of too much stress brought on by poor punctuation or vocabulary choices. She works in the Department of Angst with Agent Montbretia.

Lasa's favourite method of dealing with her headaches and stress, without resorting to drugs, is to beat herself around the head with a book until wooziness sets in. Montbretia does her best to prevent this.

Lasa's two pleasures are reading and being excessively and unpleasantly sarcastic. Mombi usually bears the brunt of her ire by dint of apparently unshakeable cheerfulness. Lasa very seldom actually ventures out of their RC for any reason other than a mission, preferring instead to curl up with a pile of books, although she did make a rare appearance at Agent July's birthday party in time to administer kaolin pills to counteract the effects of the Glodstoppers that Agent Pads had spiked the birthday girl's drink with.[1] Other than Mombi, Lasa's only close friend is Agent Gypsy of the Division of Bad Het.

Lasa and Mombi helped out in the assassination of 'Land Before Time: Littlefoot x Cera'.

Mission Logs[]

Home: Response Centre #45

Partnered with Montbretia[]