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Lana is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues.


Lana has brown hair and grey eyes, and is rather short. She'll usually wear a black tunic and pants, and a large belt with an illogical number of pockets and straps, containing everything from Ocean-in-a-Bottle to Nepenthis Dulcis extract to clean socks.


Lana spent most of her life before the PPC as a bodyguard to someone who she hated but couldn't kill, giving her intense repressed aggression issues. This generally shows up when she kills Sues, taking the time to make each death unique and painful.

Agent History[]

Lana was a Smoke Knight in the service of a lesser noble Spark in the Girl Genius universe who focused his experiments on teleportation in the hopes of using them for the Knights of Jove. Although he failed to stabilize a portal, he did create a plothole large enough to send Lana and his lab straight into an Escher Room, although her life as a servant to a dimension-warping mad scientist meant that she could escape quickly. When she joined the PPC, her repressed aggression finally had a constructive outlet: assassination.


  • Interlude: "Travels"
    • You know those stories where a pretty, young bodyguard works for a bad boss, but finds out he secretly has a heart of gold? This is not one of those stories. In other news, how Agent Lana came to the PPC.