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You know why I am called Agent Lambda? No? You see, Lambda comes from Quenya word 'lambengolmë', which means, roughly, 'a linguist'.
—From a note in Lambda's Office

Lambda is a PPC agent in the SIELU.

Lambda is a severe-looking, if somewhat nervous, brown-haired young woman with brown-rimmed glasses. Her eyes are also brown. Her height is 176.5 cm.

Within Agent Lambda's large office all the walls (except for the one with console) are covered by bookcases full of leather-bound volumes, dog-eared paperbacks, student notebooks with tea spilled on them, papyruses, parchment manuscripts, and other pieces of writing. There are literary works, scientific studies, humorous writings, and all possible writings by Elves, about Elves, or even remotely concerned with the Elves.

Mission Reports[]

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  • 'Defile Finrod's Name and Die!' (Silmarillion)
    • Once upon a time, the peaceful existence of Middle-earth was disrupted by sudden appearance of Tinúviel Forest in an undisclosed location. In that forest there was a village, and in that village lived a girl named Kairi Ciryatan, whose parents were named Finrod and Luthien. The Poison Ivy didn't appreciate little Sues defiling Finrod's name...
  • 'There Is No Miss Magic In Middle-earth' (Lord of the Rings), with Agent Alec Troven (DI)
    • Have you heard about a Miss Magic competition in Middle Earth? How about Succubi? Or Elves named Shandris the Princess of Mirkwood and Scylandara? No? Neither has anyone at the PPC. Agents Alex and Lambda are sent to save the continuum.