Lady Esther Zhevago was a member of the Black Cats and an enemy of the PPC.


Lady Zhevago looked like a classic vampire; very pale, and prone to wearing black lace. She also talked like zhis. However, she appeared to actually be fully human.


Lady Zhevago was not a former DIS Agent, unlike most of the Cats. She joined them in 2004 HST, and remained with them until the invasion of PPC HQ. She was also the only Division leader who had not been in the DIS.

Crashing DownEdit

When the Black Cats invaded HQ, Lady Zhevago led Calma Division in a direct assault on DIA Central. After capturing it and turning the facility over to the Bracket Fungus, she acted as security for a time before heading out to confront the Sunflower Official. Along the way she encountered Agent Selene Windflower, who she had previously met during the initial assault. The two fought all the way to the SO's office, where Selene was knocked unconscious by the Mysterious Somebody. Lady Zhevago was hypnotised by the MS, but regained her senses with the help of the Sunflower Official and killed C'baoth at the cost of her own life, both of them being fried by his Force Lightning.

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