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Thanks to Potcsues, this cheerful female personifies the aggravating and agonizing way in which Suethors and badfic writers cause fictional events to play out. Sure, the heroine just happened to fall and land in her hero's arms! Of course Captain Jack Sparrow is in love with the Sue; she has emerald green eyes, after all! Anything that causes you to roll your eyes and say, "Yeah, right!" is probably the work of Lady Contrivance.

Her brother is Lord Implausibility.


Lady Contrivance manifests in fanfiction whenever there are enough story plotholes to dizzy even the most dogged readers. She looks like a marionette, with the Wires of Author Power Abuse dangling seemingly from nowhere. Whenever something contrived happens in a story, Lady Contrivance will do a series of humanly impossible gymnastics—or at the very least, touch her nose to her elbow.

Lady Contrivance is not under PPC control, but she does feature in many DTE missions. She appears to be on friendly terms with the PPC.