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LJ Silverblade, formerly known as "Link Junior," is a PPC agent in the Department of Mary Sues, Freelance Division. He is partnered with Caroline Asleif. LJ was created by terrofen.

Agent Profile[]


The son of Jenna Silverblade, Link Junior was rescued by PPC agents when a mission brought them to his home continuity. Raised in the Nursery, Link Junior adopted the nickname LJ. He grew quickly, spending most of his time studying the Buffyverse and various comic books. LJ has severe mother issues and a soft spot for the children of Sues. The best way to make him angry is to mention his mother.


LJ takes mostly after his father. He's a thin seventeen-year-old man with dirty blond hair and soft features. LJ is pretty rather than handsome and is more than a little androgynous. He hides his pointy ears, his only non-human feature, behind a variety of different hats. His father's son, LJ tends to favor green clothing.

Weapons and Powers[]

LJ generally uses small knives. He loves carving knives, but he generally uses a switchblade due to the portability it affords.

Due to his Sue-ish parentage, LJ has the ability to charm very minor characters. The less important the character is to the plot, the stronger his influence is. He can also hear pretty well because of his big ears.

Mission Reports[]

Home: terrofen at LiveJournal.com

Partnered with Caroline[]