L'Université des Écrivains Misérables (UDÉM) is the Fanfiction University which serves the Les Misérables fandom. The university itself is a modern campus in the middle of a nineteenth century version of Paris. It has three coordinators: Miss Irene, Miss Pelly and Mistress Pathy (that's mistress, not miss). The story was written by lokogato-sama, Zorpisuttle and the PPC's own Bubonic Woodchuck (Pathy, Pelly and Irene, respectively).

The campus of UDÉM is known to contain dormitories, an auditorium, a cafeteria, a library and a chapel. The library contains all of Victor Hugo's works (in French and English) as well as other writings by French philosophers and about French history. The Bishop of Digne holds mass every Sunday. Attendance is mandatory for all students, due to the important role religion played for the Les Misérables characters.

As part of the traditional "learning through pain" regimen, the cafeteria serves only food prepared by Mme. Houcheloup. PPC agents are advised to eat off-campus. The canons and coordinators have offices (and eating space) in the back rooms of the Corinth Wineshop and the Café Musain, where the students plotted their revolution in Les Misérables. Students are forbidden from both of these locations.


Miss Irene is the coordinator tasked with enrollment. Miss Pelly oversees and trains the local minis. Mistress Pathy, known for her unnerving smiles, is in charge of disciplinary measures, and also runs a GrammarBootCamp during the school year.


Created by Bubonic Woodchuck.

As can be expected, the UDÉM campus is swarming with mini-Bricks, but Miss Irene has ownership of another misspelling of note. It is a Combeferret, a misspelling of Combeferre's name. The ferret is dressed like Combeferre, complete with glasses, and is apparently "quite an intellectual little creature."

In addition to the coordinators, the canon characters of Les Misérables teach courses, as is usual for an OFU. Strangely, it appears that Inspector Javert is still pursuing Jean Valjean; as a result, Valjean prefers to be referred to as Monsieur Fauchelevant.

Known CoursesEdit

  • "Canonical Pairings: Why They Work, How They Work, and How To Look At Them Without Wincing" with Cosette and Marius Pontmercy
  • Grammar Boot Camp with Mistress Pathy
  • "Historical Accuracy 101"
  • Latin lessons with Jean Prouvaire
  • "Musicalverse vs. Bookverse" with Bahorel
  • Sunday mass with the Bishop of Digne
  • "Tormented Inner Monologues" with Valjean and Javert
  • "Why We Hate The 1998 Movie" with Enjolras and Madame Thénardier


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