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Kyle Still Bellisario is one of four foster children that Agent Cali Still rescued on April 8, 2010, from an NCIS badfic that required fire bombing to overcome the glitter overload. The Nurses guess that Kyle is about eight years old. He is a full biological brother to Kevin Still Bellisario.


Kyle is small and wiry with pale skin, slightly shaggy light brown hair, blue eyes, glasses, and a slightly upturned nose. His typical clothing consists of sandals, a black t-shirt, and blue jeans with holes in the knees. The holes generally appear shortly after he puts on a new pair of jeans.


He is very hyperactive, and when the de-glittering process is combined with chocolate he is overwhelmed with both incredible energy and the incredible desire to climb. He is a constant source of wild plans, plots, and ideas for "fun." He is generally too busy immediately acting on his ideas to be a true ringleader among the other Nursery kids, but his brother Kevin is a near constant willing accomplice.

Participation in PPC Activities

He participated in the April 2010 water fight that broke out in HQ, by sniping from atop the air ducts above the cafeteria.

He attended Henry Robinson's second birthday party on February 5, 2011.


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