Kurt Cobain was the lead singer and guitarist of the band Nirvana. Known for simplistic but catchy power chord riffs, moderately incomprehensible lyrics, depression, nebulous stomach trouble and having shot himself in the head. Married Courtney Love and had one child (Frances Bean Cobain). Has thousands of angsty, gothy fangirls who, thankfully, do not usually write fanfic, preferring instead to wear t-shirts printed with his suicide note and enough eyeliner to sink a battleship. However, there's always a few ficcers who go after musicians. The PPC tends to disapprove.

Some of his fangirls double-up and also fangirl Dave Grohl, the main drummer of Nirvana and current front-man of the Foo Fighters, although few fangirls go after bass player Krist Novoselic, who was 6ft7in tall and ridiculously hairy, until he entered politics and became bald, but no less tall.

It's said that Magnus Chase resembles him.

Appearances in MissionsEdit

While the PPC no longer writes missions for Real Person Fics, two historical missions featuring Cobain still exist.

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