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Kumori caught unaware on camera by her partner one early morning.

Kumori Tenki is an agent in the Department of Floaters, having been placed there after her recruitment and never getting transferred to the Department of Mary Sues despite her complaints. Kumori is an ex-alien Mary Sue from the Dragon Ball Z continuum and thus extremely capable in martial arts and fighting with her chi, though she's also a decent shot with a crossbow or a handgun. Nowadays she'd much rather garden her reassuringly non-talkative plants than argue with anyone about anything and doesn't leave her response center unless absolutely necessary. Thus, she often finds herself out of the loop on recent events. For example, she totally missed the Ypur Invasion until they escaped again.

Quiet, slightly anti-social and quick to anger, Kumori is rather attached to her younger partner Georgia Branch but sees little reason to associate with any of her other colleagues. She makes an effort to attend birthday parties, though, and gives flowers and poisonous plants as presents (not having any idea of what the recipient of the gift might prefer instead). She's been with the PPC for some time now and sees no way of ever escaping. She is probably the only agent in HQ to have gone to the trouble of refurnishing her response center to fit her own garden inside.

She is written by Oozaru Angel.

Mission Reports[]

Homes: PPC Missions and Oozaru Angel's Angelfire.

Partnered With Georgia Branch[]