Agent Krisprolls, alias Krisp, is the youngest member of the Infernal Trio, being born in 1937. His original name is Christian Radich and he was nicknamed after a Swedish roasted bread brand, which is ironic because he's Norwegian.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Krisp is 5'7, with shoulder-length blond hair and blue eyes. He usually wears a black vest with red patches on the shoulders and funny trousers, like Bono from U2 on his 2005 tour. In fact, he entirely borrowed Bono's style, down to the hairstyle, facial grooming, sunglasses and shoes.

Personality Edit

Krisp is the craziest and the geekiest in the Trio. He always comes up with Bad Ideas (joining the PPC, dressing like Bono) or bad jokes. He also loves to banter with his teammates. He is very extroverted and social, and is usually the wittiest of the group, and the most mischievous. He loves making sexual innuendos, or finding them when they're not there. He usually is a fast thinker and doer, to the point of acting too fast.

Agent History Edit

As a Tall Ship Edit

Krisp was built in 1937 as a school ship, like his brother. During WW2, he was dragged around the place and was found after the war in a German port, in very bad shape. It took him two years to recover, like his fellow agents. He then resumed his activity as a school ship and is continuing now.

As an Android Edit

Krisp was downloaded into an android body. Upon encountering the PPC on the 'Net, he came up with the idea of joining and dragged the other agents there. They've been grateful since that moment, or so they say.

In the PPC Edit

Krisp is most interested in science fiction fandoms (Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate) and recently got involved in the Watchmen comics. He is also interested in fics about U2. His main sporking interests are Mary Sues and OOCness. Bad sex scenes are also on his deathlist.

He joined the Department of Floaters because he wanted to work with his fellow agents as a team.

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