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Kimmie is an agent in the Department of Floaters. She is written by Wide Eyed Idealist.

Agent Profile[]


Kimmie is short and slender. She has long, curly, bright purple hair (normal in her home continuum) and plain gray eyes. She tends to wear very traditionally girly clothing, often with ruffles, and wears high heels almost constantly. These used to be a variety of colors, but since becoming a member of the PPC she dresses in all black, even when not strictly necessary. She looks sweet, demure, innocent and harmless. None of these are accurate.


Other than her fondness for pretty clothes, Kimmie's personality is best compared to that of an amiable fratboy. She likes sex, alcohol, and the act of fist-fighting. Kimmie is friendly, physically affectionate even when not making a pass at anyone, and loud. She doesn't like arguing (as in, being irritated or angry with people), but has not mastered the art of avoiding it.


Kimmie began life as a one-line bit character in an unknown Code Geass badfic, where she served as a handmaiden to an uncanoncial Brittanian princess. The badfic in question was full of similar one-line characters, so that the agents killing them ran out of execution methods and started dragging them to FicPsych instead. Kimmie, naturally, was one of the lucky ones (or unlucky, depending on your point of view). After acquiring a personality and familiarizing herself with a few canons, she was partnered with Agent Caitlyn; this was in late 2008, after all the emergencies of that year were finished.

Mission Reports[]

Home: Don't Tell Me Women Are Not the Stuff of Heroes

Partnered with Caitlyn[]