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The Killed Badfic pages list the badfic dealt with by PPC agents. This particular page is a list of the missions carried out in multiple fandoms.

To add a mission, please provide a link to the original story, the original summary, rating and fandoms crossed over where possible, and a link to the mission itself. Remember to follow alphabetical order, which does not count the articles a, an, or the as the first word of a title.

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  • "Alan Tracy and The Philosophers Stone" - K rated - Harry Potter x Thunderbirds.
    • Hannah Joanne Potter never lived with the Dursley's, instead when Lily and James died she was found by Jeff Tracy of IR and brought up as his daughter Alanah 'Alan/Lana' Tracy. Woe betide Dumbledore when Alan goes to Hogwarts and throws the plans for her into the fire. FemAlan! Me no own anything, Alan and Draco pairing. Formerly A Potter in International Rescue.
    • Mission by Desdendelle and the Librarian
  • "The Alliance" - M rated - Chronicles of Narnia x Lord of the Rings.
    • Susan had to marry the King of Mirkwood to save Narnia from the marauding giants. It was Peter's greatest idea. Oneshot. Rated M for a reason. Susan/Legolas
    • Mission by Sedri.
  • "Anakin Skywalker & the Jedi's Gem" - K+ rated - Star Wars x Harry Potter.
    • The events of the Harry Potter series unfold in the Star Wars universe, starring Anakin Skywalker as Harry Potter, ObiWan Kenobi as Ron Weasley and Padmé Amidala as Hermione Granger.
    • Mission by Tawaki.
  • "An angel in disguise" - likely T rated - Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus and Twilight
    • I’m different…
      That’s the only thing you need to know about me.
      I can move things with my mind, I can control people with my voice, I can see the future with one touch. But the most powerful AND the most dangerous one is… I can kill with just one snap of my fingers.

      This is me, Sapphire Starr Olympus. I’m just another orphan with a painful past. I’m just another girl trying to change her destiny.

  • "Anna" - T rated - Twilight x X-Men.
    • What if it wasn't Edward that saved Bella from James? What if it was her mutant twin sister, the powerful but cursed Anna Marie Swan, aka the Rogue? What if by trying to save her sister from her fate she sets in motion a whole new series of events that no one seen coming? Anna/Edward/Jacob/Aro quartet
    • Mission by Rina Dives and Zeb (DMS) and the Reader and Kozar (DIC).
  • "Artemis Fowl and the Time Lord" - K+ rated - Doctor Who x Artemis Fowl.
    • A crossover of Artemis Fowl and Doctor who. Artemis manages to get the TARDIS to land in his garden, so Artemis can ask some questions. But then Number 1 comes along, possest by the Midnight creature. Quantum Zomies are their bodys, and they're getting AF
    • Mission by Desdendelle.
  • "Aurelia the protector and the golden light" - T rated - Lord of the Rings x Inheritance Cycle.
    • Aurelia, daughter of Sauron, first female dragon rider, half sister to Eragon and Murtagh. this is her story, here she finds bravey and friends, along with love. This is a reload of Aurelia, the golden light, this is a bit better than the first, enjoy R&R
    • Mission by Rina and Zeb (DMS), and the Reader and Kozar (DIC)


  • "Better Than Revenge" - M rated (NSFW) - Harry Potter x Doctor Who.
    • What if Hermione was just like the Master and the Doctor. What if she was planning the whole thing? From the very beginning, if you never die, will war will just be a game for you?
    • Hermione, aka the Destroyer, is a Time Lady. She gets it on with the Saxon Master, who is now contemporary with the Harry Potter books.
    • The fic has been taken down. This is not due to its terrible quality, but rather that it has been adopted by another author. EileenAlphabet keeps a copy of it for archival purposes and, for now, will be willing to send it to anyone who wants to see it.
    • Mission by Agents Mittens and the RMC.
  • "Blood Raining Night" - M rated (NSFW/NSFB) - Hetalia x InuYasha x The Legend of Korra x about half a dozen other things.
    • Reicheru Ketsuekineko-oni is a 17 year old caat-demon girl who is torturched by the memory of her father. She works for the Yakuza with her dog-cat-demon friend Inuyasha. She loves denmark but her love is put into peril. Will she save her relationship and destory her father? FIND OUT
    • Mission by Agents Supernumerary and Ilraen (DIC) with Nurse Jennifer Robinson (FicPsych).


  • "Criminal MindsSSBB: Reckoning" - T rated - Criminal Minds x Super Smash Bros.
    • After an attack on the Smashers, Pit finds himself trapped on Earth, in the care of the BAU team. A series of public attacks points to the same obscure group, who seem to have a vendetta against Earth and the Multiverse. With the Smashers on the run and the team unable to trust their superiors, both groups struggle to unite against an army that threatens them all.
    • Mission by SkarmorySilver, with Agents Cupid Carmine, Sarah Katherine Squall, and Lapis Lazuli (DIC).


  • "dead space sega style" - M rated - Sonic Universe x Dead Space
    • the title says it all but if u wanna know a dream i had gave me the idea so sonic chacaters r in dead space and funny shit goes on lol ull laugh it includs NECROMORPH MADNESS WARNING HAS ALOT OF WEIRD SHIT
    • Mission by Florestan and Eusabius.
  • "Dimensions change" - K rated - Stargate Atlantis x NCIS.
    • Well, a wraith queen who controls humans. A wraith commander who isn't all wraith. Oh, and don't forget, that something is happening and Tony knows it all. After all he is one of two that has a plan. Oh, by the way John's dead, in one reality. Review plz!
    • Mission by Orken 7861, Jeannine Guiles, Calhoun and Agnew.


  • "Eternal Memories" - T rated - Original canon x Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha x Card Captor Sakura x Sailor Moon, with unneeded references to NCIS and Fairy Tail.
    • When your a mage, your work is never done. When your a mage, and charged by the gods to create an army to kill off seven beasts, your life is Hell. Luckily, your not alone, you've got mages, girls with planet power, and a girl who has magic cards. R&R.
    • Mission Part 1, Part 2) by Sergio Turbo and Karrin Blue.
  • "Eves jorney" - T rated - The Lord of the Rings x The Legend of Zelda
    • Eve was just a regular 16 year old girl that finds out that shes a hero destiened to help save Middle Earth! Will she stay alive? Am I a MarySue? You decide! possible romance!
    • Warrior Sue/Chosen One. Features Legolas turning a light shade of pink (bad mental image). Eve ends up slapping Boromir so hard he blacks out (something this author is dubious about), then makes up with him in a strangely unrealistic way. Very bad poetry preceding each chapter, part of which rips off Zelda. Timing completely gone to pot.
    • eatpraylove's comment: It doesn't just "rip off" Zelda, it outright inserts the Golden Goddesses, the Triforce, and (probably) Link and Zelda into Middle-earth. Plus there are mini-Gohmas all over, she gets BS shapeshifting and healing and gods know what other powers, somehow raises warg cubs...
    • Mission by eatpraylove.


  • "Feeling Sorry" - K+ rated - Mario Universe x Sonic Universe
    • Bowser Jr. got bullied by Silver, Shadow and Yoshi, and Bowser and Sharon supertinagirl6's OC comfort him. Then they give the bullies a lesson. Requested by "supertinagirl6". (supertinagirl6 has admitted to regretting making the request and that it was a dumb decision of her to make.)
    • Mission by Florestan and Eusabius.
  • "Five Nights at Freddy's: Monster Island" - T rated - Five Nights at Freddy's x Godzilla.
    • After the Owner of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza strikes a deal with Toho to use Godzilla and Junior's likeness in their restaurant as animatronics to bring in business, Secrets are revealed and Drama happens behind the scenes, and the new security guard is thrown right into the mix.
    • SkarmorySilver's Note: According to Voyd, the author apparently got the timeline of the FNaF games wrong. As for me, I can't say much about an animatronic Godzilla, but I don't think he would act the way he does in this fic even as a man-sized robot model.
    • Voyd's Notes: Oh, Skar, if only you knew. This fic was released after Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (which is a prequel leading up to the infamous Bite of '87), but the fic pretends that Five Nights 2 doesn't exist. That is what we in the industry refer to as "blatantly ignoring the canon."
    • Mission by Voyd and SkarmorySilver, with Agents Valon Vance, Kala Jeng, Falchion, Rashida Mafdetiti, and Velociripper
  • "Flying Magic" - T rated, Ace Combat x Harry Potter.
    • James Sirius Potter has a dream, to become the best pilot in the Ocean Air force, only to protect his family from the rising Belkans, he will struggle to become a great pilot, a lot of everything here Romance, Adventure, Family, etc... Ac and Hp worlds.
    • Mission by Sergio Turbo.
  • "Foxy's Reckoning" - T rated - Five Nights at Freddy's x Warframe.
    • After killing the night guard, Foxy gets a visit from a certain vengeful figure of the origin system we all know and love. FNAF2-Warframe Crossover.
    • Voyd's notes: Okay, hold the phone. I'm no Warframe expert, but... okay, first, the "they think you're an endoskeleton" thing is a load of bull in-canon, any player with eyes can see that. Second, Foxy (and the other animatronics, for that matter) isn't evil; he's scared and confused, because he's possessed by a murder victim. Beyond that, what the Freddy is a Warframe character doing in freaking 1987?
    • Mission by Valon Vance, Kala Jeng and Desdendelle.
  • "Frozen: The Emerald Soldier" - T rated - Frozen x Green Lantern.
    • After his father was murdered, Dante Rayner is taken care by the Royal Family in Arendelle. Soon he falls in love with Elsa who also falls for him. As they grow up, Arendelle will be at war against both their enemies and Sinestro. Elsa and Dante will defend both the Kingdom and the World or die trying. Violence, Mild Language, Mild Sexual Content.
    • Edhelistar's Note: A blatant Gary Stu, at least four Character Possessions/Replacements, the killing of a Main Canon Character, multiple Major Canon Breaks, a complete disregard of the English language verb conjugation, uninspired, predictable, and you could simply remove all the Gary Stu-related scenes and you'll be reading the plot of the film. Gods! I hate this fic with the might of a thousand exploding suns.
    • Mission by Edhelistar.


  • "A Girl Out of Time" - M rated (actually NC-17), NSFW, possibly NSFB, warnings for dub-con - Harry Potter x Doctor Who.
    • Hermione is at the top of the Astronomy Tower waiting for the 10th Doctor to arrive. Takes place in 6th year - AU. Contains sex scenes - rated M-NC-17 for a reason. Disclaimer: all characters are the properties of JK Rowling; and Sydney Newman along with BBC execs Steven Moffatt & Caro Skinner. No copyright infringement intended. Hororcruxes have been adjusted to fit storyline
    • Mission by Eledhwen Elerossiel, Christianne Shieh, the Disentangler, and the Agent, who have forgotten to pick up the mini-Aragog Hororcruxes from the summary.
  • "Guardians and Hunters" - T rated. RWBY x Destiny.
    • When the three Guardians Ti'ana, Bianca, and Katie-8 defeated the Dark Heart in the Black Garden, they were pulled through a wormhole into another galaxy. One also populated by humans, and besieged by the forces of Darkness. Now they must find a way back to Earth. And there is another player, one who could rip the world apart in his haste for power. A Destiny/RWBY crossover
    • Mission by Ix and Charlotte (ESAS) and Serendipity and Charlie (DIC).


  • "hybrid link" - M rated - Bayonetta x Bleach.
    • What happens Bayonetta the lumna saga umbra witch hybird meets a soul reaper Arrancar hybrid who have to work togather but also have to find to tell each other how they feel also who is the one helping Balder out and what are they flashbacks Bayonetta have mean and yeah is the oin needed? (0n hold)
    • Mission by SkarmorySilver, with Agents Backslash and Whitney (DMS - Video Games) and Agents Cupid Carmine and Lapis Lazuli (DIC).


  • "I Never Left" - T rated - Big Hero 6 x Rise of the Guardians.
    • Hiro had always been smarter than average. That didn't stop her from believing in the Guardians, though. Of course, when the explosion happened, she stopped believing in them. After all, weren't they there to protect Wonder, Memories, Hope, Dreams, and Fun? Now, her brother was gone. For a while, she had Baymax, but she'd lost him to the void. She's left alone... but is she really?
    • Genderbent Hiro Sue who gets shipped with Jack Frost, killing off Baymax just to facilitate this, and beige prose. I will not stand to see two of my favorite movies get mangled like this!
    • Mission by SkarmorySilver, with Agent Sarah Katherine Squall (DIC).


  • "The Jedi and The Hobbit" - T rated - Star Wars x Lord of the Rings.
    • Kanin Jaale wakes up in Middle Earth and the last thing she remembers is working on her star-fighter. How'd she get there? How is she going to get back? What happens when Merry and the rest of the Fellowship meet her? Find out here! Rated for violence.
    • Mission by Caddy-shack and Miah.



  • "Lost"
    • Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard and his team find themselves walking through the stargate into a world very different to others they have encountered. After nearly being taken prisoners they decide to help middle earth before trying to get home.
    • Original fic deleted.
    • Mission by Miah and Cali.


  • A Mad Man and his bigger on the inside Blue Box - rated T - Harry Potter x Doctor Who.
    • London has always been an unusual place, you leave behind the one full of magic and step into the one with a Mad Man. If you want a quiet life full of tea and crumpets, I suggest staying away from them, especially the ones with a Blue Box. Fem!Harry The first story of The Time Witch Chronicles.
    • Mission by Silenthunder.
  • "The Making of a Queen" - T rated - Harry Potter x Labyrinth.
    • Sarah Williams' life changed drastically after the Labyrinth. Now, studying at Hogwarts School, she is known as the Ice Queen, aloof and hearteless. So when she comes face to face with the only man capable of awakening her emotions, what will she do?
    • Features a heavily Suefied Sarah and an OC Sue. I have been wanting to spork this for a long time.
    • Mission by Mittens and Radioactive Moss Creature.
  • "Mirrored Dimensions" - T Rated - Harry Potter x Final Fantasy x Supposedly Skulduggery Pleasant at some point but if so I never found it.
    • "Formally (read 'formerly,' I'm assuming?) named Broken Universe. Harry Potter and Stephanie Edgley were destined to meet before the multi-verse even formed. They were foretold through time, space, and reality to cross over from world to world as Temporal and Dimensional space travellers; to be heroes to heroes and guide worlds to a new future. Existence shall be their playground. Harry/Stephanie/multi-girls."
    • Mission by The Detective and Jack Riggs.
  • "The moon and the stars" - K equivalent - Harry Potter x Percy Jackson and the Olympians
    • The girl who lived. Lilith Juno Olympia black is the daughter of Sirius black and Artemis who was taken away from her mother the day after she was born. The same day that voldemort killed lily and James and was defeated by harry, but what if it was both of them that defeated him and before she could be taken back to Olympus by the gods she was whisked of to dumbeldore.
    • Mission by the Aviator and Zeb
  • "my little pony:it's time to play a game" - M rated - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic x Saw.
    • lets see what happens when twilight sparkle has to play the game that jigsaw has created will she save her friends or fail and fall victim to jigsaw
    • Original fic deleted.
    • Mission by Florestan and Eusabius.
  • "Mythical Magi" - T rated - Percy Jackson x Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
    • On a girls night out, Annabeth, Thalia, Clarisse, Reyna, Hazel, Piper, Rachel and Juniper walk into a witches barrier. When saved by magical girl Kesler Lutz, they discover the world of Puella Magi. The next day at Camp, strange things start happening. Will the demigods survive in this new world?
    • Mission by Rina and Zeb (DMS) and Ari (DIC).


  • "Naruto Meets Harry Potter" - T rated - Naruto x Harry Potter.
    • DISCLAIMER: i do NOT own harry potter. The Naruto gang gets an assignment from tsunade to protect harry potter and that they'll be staying at the school for 12 yrs. Please rate!my 1st fic, and i MUST know to comtinue or not!
    • Mission by Adagio.


  • "Peter's Drastic Change" - T rated - Narnia x The O.C. x Twilight.
    • Narnia O.C. xover:Summer left the O.C. because of a vimpire attack,and being california it's too sunny.she findes herself in the past.she's been very lonley and looking for love.she goes to a train station and can't keep her eyes off someone. xpemmerx
    • Mission by Sedri.
  • "The Phantomess of the Opera and the Half-Blood Prince" (deleted; fragment on Archive.is) - unrated - Harry Potter x The Phantom of the Opera
    • *still writing it*When Erika de l'Opera, a girl with a deformed face, moves to England and starts going to Hogwarts, her life changes completely. She gets more friends, she knows more magic than she has ever known, but, most important of all, she falls in love with a boy. But, will that boy love her back after finding out about her ancestry and why she wears a mask? A Severus Snape love story in the Marauders' era.
    • Mission featuring Derik and Gall by Neshomeh.
  • "The Pirate, the Fairy, and the Mermaid" - T-rated - Pirates of the Caribbean x The Little Mermaid x Tinkerbell.
    • What happens when a human boy meets a fairy? What happens when they travel together and meet a mermaid? What will happen when their worlds collide? And what will happen when they must work together to stop a great evil from destroying their worlds? Sequel from "The Meeting" and not a lemon story like the others I made. Melody/OC.
    • Voyd's notes: The three series are in different time periods, the Jack Sparrow wannabe is trying to romance Melody, who I think is underage, and for some reason a canonical character from one of the Tinker Bell movies is tagging along with him. And also anachronistic language all over the place.
    • SkarmorySilver's notes: Dear Arceus, where to begin. The mythos stated in Chapter One is not consistent with any of the concerned continua, tense changes and povs are everywhere, the heroic Stu is both painfully generic and the son of Jack Sparrow, the canons don't actually do very much, and one of the villainous Stus is claimed to be Triton's brother. Wat.
    • Mission by Voyd and SkarmorySilver, with Agents Stephanie Podd and Chakkik (DMS) and Agents Cupid Carmine and Lapis Lazuli (DIC).
  • "Prototype & Monster Girls" - M rated - Monster Musume x Prototype
    • Summary: Alex mercer was defeated by James Heller and now somehow I in Japan.
    • I think we have Pepper-jack cheese logic here. MonMusu and Prototype do not mesh at all, Alex is supposed to be dead, Ms. Smith is incompetent rather than lazy, and over a dozen minis from both continua. Not to mention the severe timeline distortion, as the orc attack canonically occurs in Chapter 11. Rachnera and Lala don't move in with Kimihito until chapters 14 and 24 respectively. And there's the hurdle of killing a replacement Alex... hmmm.
    • Mission by Valon Vance and Kala Jeng; written by Voyd.
  • "Purity" - T rated - Harry Potter x Doctor Who
    • A chance accident strips Harry of his humanity and leaves him a creature of pure hatred. A creature who understands what has been done to him in the past and seeks ultimate revenge. Though at the same time Harry wishes to build himself an empire, built from the ruins of a society he will destroy. Powerful Dark Harry, Dumbledore and Weasley Bashing
    • Mission by Desdendelle and Iximaz.


  • "The Ring of Artemis" - M rated - Tamora Pierce x LotR.
    • Tamora Pierce Xover Three rings for the elven kings, seven for the dwarf lords, nine for the mortal men doomed to die, one for the darklord on his dark throne all the rings were destroyed except one. LegolasOC
    • Mission by Rose/Ross.


  • "Smells of Rose" - M rated - Harry Potter x Labyrinth.
    • Summary: Jareth whats Sarah and Tom jr whats Hermione but well the girls what them read and find out S/J and T/H
    • Nobody in this can touch canon with a twenty feet pole. Also, the grammar and spelling in this needs to be taken outside and shot.
    • Mission by James Vulpes and Saxo Cruore
  • "Star Class" - T rated - Harry Potter x Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.
    • Year 5/6-AU: They had their past stolen because their souls were too stubborn to stay under control. Yet they only wanted freedom. Then they find it when they try to die to keep their free will. They find freedom in the year 2245, where an advanced Earth, & universe awaits, with new friends & enemies! Will they get home, & find justice...? Harry/Hayate/OCs/Ginny - Nanoha/Fate!
    • Mission by Desdendelle, the Librarian, and the Aviator.


  • "Timeless Wings" - T rated - Maximum Ride x Doctor Who x The Lord of the Rings
    • Izzy is a Time Lord who has suffered more than most - she's lived through genetic fusion, which is how she got her wings. Not only that, but she is stranded in Middle Earth during one of the most important times in its history. Maximum Ride/LoTR/Doctor Who. Rated T for action bits later on. I deleted the sequel, as I posted it on a whim. ON HIATUS UNTIL AUGUST
    • Mission by the Aviator and Zeb.


  • "Venficus Per Vis Edited" - T rated - Harry Potter x Star Wars.
    • "Oh Yeah. You're sweating. Relax. Take a deep breath." said Obi-Wan "I haven't seen him in ten years, Master." Came Anakin's response. A Harry Potter/Starwars crossover. The Parings are as followed: Harry/Anakin and Padme/Obi-Wan warning Yaoi otherwise known as slash which is male loving male
    • Mission by Lorson and Dax.


  • "WHEEL OF TRAGETY" - T rated - Sonic Universe x Banjo-Kazooie.
    • its when gruntida,after events of banjo kazooie nuts and bolts,wants to have a quiz show,so she captures sonic and his friends to do this messed up game show ask questions for this,just review.
    • Mission by Florestan and Eusabius.
  • "The Wildcard" - M rated - Fallout x Mass Effect.
    • In Plague's (The PC from Fallout 3) final moments, he flips the Enclave the bird, only to then end up in the Mass Effect univers. Mean while TIM makes Shepherd a new dossier of a man using antique weapons while giving Omegas lowlives a hard time.
    • Mission by Florestan, Mark, Maria, and Cadmar.
  • "Winterwood" - T rated - Lord of the Rings x Frozen.
    • Legolas is rescued from bandits by a mysterious maiden who can control ice and snow while traveling to another kingdom to meet with King Jonathan of Winterwood. When he meets the king's daughter, Elsa, he realizes that she is the maiden who saved him and falls in love with the deadly and dangerous faerie...
    • Mission by Kaitlyn and Selene.
  • "Wishes & Crystals" - Rated K+ - Harry Potter x Labyrinth
    • A year after her journey through the labyrinth, nothing has changed except that Sarah and Toby are much closer. Now she is attending Hogwarts. And Jareth is wanting his queen.
    • Mission by Saxo Cruore and James Vulpes.