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Kevin Still Bellisario is one of four foster children that Agent Cali Still rescued on April 8, 2010, from an NCIS badfic that required fire bombing to overcome the glitter overload. The Nurses guess that Kevin is about six years old. He is a full biological brother to Kyle Still Bellisario.


He is small and wiry with pale skin, medium brown hair that spikes up no matter how many times it is brushed flat, blue eyes, glasses, and a slightly upturned nose. His typical clothing consists of sandals, brown shorts and a red sports jersey style shirt.


He sucks his thumb, and doesn't say much unless he is expanding on what Kyle says. He will follow Kyle almost anywhere and act as an accomplice in almost any wild plan Kyle comes up with.

Participation in PPC Activities[]

He participated in the April 2010 water fight that broke out in HQ, by following Kyle to the cafeteria where he hid behind an upturned table. He somehow managed to get all the way to the Nursery without getting wet with either water or paint.

He attended Henry Robinson's second birthday party on February 5, 2011.