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Agent Ketay is a Cardassian who generally works as an Untangler. Her partner is Agent Sedri.

She is written by (Not-Agent) Sedri.

Agent Profile[]

Recruited from a Star Trek badfic, Ketay exemplifies all the best traits of Cardassian culture and is proud of it. She is calm, disciplined, and very dignified. Her methods of dealing with badfic are direct, simple, and ruthless, and she does not believe in luck. Due to her cultural background, she avoids touching people whenever possible.

Ketay respects hierarchy, is prone to suspicion, and while she isn't xenophobic, she rarely favours characters outside her own species. She appreciates debate and witticisms and is careful with her words and likes argumentative people, though her manner is always extremely polite.

Due to her biology, Ketay has relatively poor hearing and her neck ridges are sensitive to the point of ticklish. She has straight black hair, grey skin, and ridges along the lines of her face and neck.

Mission Logs[]

Home: RC 1830

Partnered with Sedri[]

  • "Allies" (Narnia x Lord of the Rings)
    • Agent Sedri and her new partner, Agent Ketay, take on a LotR/Narnia crossover in which Susan is forced into marriage with Legolas. (Rated: M15)