Kelly Jones is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues. She is written by Novastorme.

History Edit

A daughter of Apollo, Kelly was born to Marcia Jones a successful private doctor in downtown Chicago. At twelve she was found by a Satyr and brought to Camp Half-Blood. Being claimed after a Capture the flag she spent only a small while in the Hermes Cabin, before moving in with her fellow brothers and sisters in Cabin 7, somewhere she fitted in. Participating in the Battle of the Labyrinth and the Battle of Manhattan she picked up only minor injuries in the first battle, whilst she was incapacitated on the second day of the fighting alongside receiving a sword wound from an enemy demi-god on her left arm, taking her out of the rest of the battle, although when she was conscious she helped patch up other demi-gods. Returning to Camp Half-Blood she helped build the new cabins. One day, instead of walking into her cabin she mysteriously appeared in the PPC HQ, after walking around for a while she stumbled upon the Marquis de sod, who partnered her up with another rookie, Apollo. There was initially some confusion as Kelly thought the Marquis meant her father but it was quickly sorted out when Apollo appeared.

As a Daughter of Apollo Kelly displays not only a preference for ranged combat, but a base skill in it as well, being able to pick up a ranged weapon and fire it. She also has the tendency to pick up or try and create haiku’s, whether this is due to her father or her just being plain annoying Apollo hasn’t decided yet.

Appearance Edit

Kelly stands at 5 foot 5 inches tall. Her long dark blonde hair is normally in a single ponytail reaching down to just below her shoulder blades, keeping it out of the way for when she draws her bow. She has blue eyes.

Personality Edit

Whilst Kelly can be a very serious and methodical person it is an unlikely occurrence to happen. Normally she is quite energetic, ready and eager to help out and act first before thinking about it. When she realizes she is in over her head she will normally shut up and try and get an idea of what is going on first before she tries to help.

Mission Reports Edit

  1. "In Which Apollo and Kelly meet", (Prelude)
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