Kedri'Neref Hemelin

Mirror Kedri'Neref

Kedri'Neref Hemelin is a human Gary Stu in the EPC's Department of Arrests. After his dimension's Makes-Things experimented on him, along with his allies Tangara, Tawaki, and Tadkeeta, his mind was switched with that of his double. While initially furious at the prime Makes-Things, mistaking him for his EPC counterpart, mirror Kedri'Neref quickly mellowed out, later showing himself to be the most restrained of the exiles, even after mirror Tangara's attack on Nicholas Duval set the DES after them. He also seemed to be the closest a Suvian can get to a strategist, as he was capable of pointing out flaws in the others' plans and coldly carrying out the optimal course of action, even going so far as to determine Captain Dandy as the Dandelions' leader and target him specifically. However, mirror Nendil commandeered the Mind Extractor before mirror Kedri'Neref could attack the Firstborn, and sent the DA agent back to his original body. He was last known to be exchanging information with the Mirror Multiverse's Flowers on the PPC's observed weaknesses.


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