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Keats is an agent in the Floaters department. He is written by Opinioned Angel.

Agent Profile[]


Keats is somewhat tall with lightly tanned skin, long red hair, and hazel eyes. He also has a scar across his face, but he is often vague about how he got it to begin with.


Keats never says much about his past, only that he was nameless Renegade in a Tales of Symphonia Suefic, having fallen through a plothole into PPC Headquarters after a particularly bad bit of Suefic logic. After some confusion, he reluctantly resigned to joining the PPC. He has picked up on a few fandoms in training, including, surprisingly enough, a few sci-fi series.

On missions, he prefers to wield the sword he brought along with him from his home continuum, though he will use a gun if need be. Thanks to his elven blood, Keats is also capable of some basic spells (mostly offensive with one healing spell), which he tends to use sparingly.


The more levelheaded of the two, Keats is usually the one who has to hold his partner back when she flies into one of her rages. Keats is snarky with a sardonic sense of humor, though he also has a bit of a soft side as well. He occasionally smokes Bleepettes, and while his preferred profanity comes from his home continuity—for instance, "Goddess" instead of "God" (long story there)—he has also picked up some Mandarin from Firefly. In his free time, Keats enjoys playing video games, reading, listening to music, or watching movies. He does not care much for heights, nor does he like spiders, considering that the ones in his home continuum can grow to a giant size.

Mission Reports[]

Home: RC 113

Partnered with Gijinka[]