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Agent Kayleigh Leonard is a member of the Department of Bad Slash. She is written by Huinesoron.

Agent Profile[]


Kayleigh is of an average height and weight, with brown hair and, usually, a rather insane grin. This last is the important part – beware of it.


Kayleigh has ADHD. While medication has been issued for this, she never takes it, because she thinks it makes her boring. The non-boring version is usually hyperactive, and thoroughly insane, although in a cheerful rather than psychotic way. She is the source of the DAVD Conspiracy Theory, and always wears a bikini under her clothes so that she can take every opportunity to sunbathe. Kayleigh is also prone to using rather oversized weapons; she was once seen to pull a giant mace out of nowhere, and then return it after brutally killing a Black Cat.

Agent History[]

Kayleigh is a member of the Department of Bad Slash, specialising in Lord of the Rings fanfiction. She was recruited in 2003 HST Only one of her missions – "Dragon Fever" – is known to exist in report form (though perpetually incomplete); it is the mission in which her partner, Salamander, disappeared. Kayleigh blamed the Disturbing Acts of Violence Department.

Kayleigh, using the nickname "Kay," was also at one time assistant to Morale Officer Bjam. Her personality is quite distinctive.

Kayleigh and Salamander were involved in the opening salvos of the Black Cats' invasion, and were instrumental in bringing Nyx Nightingale and Dassie Hyrax back to Headquarters, a move which proved decisive. Approximately a year later, she was interviewed by the Multiverse Monitor, and took the opportunity to expound on her DAVD Conspiracy Theory.

At some point in 2011, Kayleigh either gave birth to or adopted three children, Lindsey, Jess and Orville. Their father, or the identities of their birth parents if they were adopted, is unknown. In 2014, she designed and produced the new mission pins.

Alternate Versions[]

An alternate version of Kayleigh exists in the Transfictional Canonical Defence Authority continuum. 'Lady Kay' has Kayleigh's same basic personality, but with a malevolent air that manifests itself in attempted kidnapping and brainwashing.