Kayla Shepard is an NCIS Sue featured in "Who I Was Who I Am." She was slain by Miah Arthur and Cali Still in their second mission.

Character History Edit

Kayla Shepard was a fluffy wangst Sue who was the daughter of canon character Jenny Shepard.

She was in the legally impossible situation of having been in foster care since birth after her placement by her birth mom (Jenny Shepard) with a generic adoption agency. Cali explained in detail why her depiction of the situation was legally ridiculous while he charged her.

The spelling and grammar, or rather lack thereof, bordered on NSFB, and at times created truly bizarre happenings, such as transforming the Sue into a small child and back into a teenager, and the creation of a bus powered by the Sue's bunny hopping on its roof.

The agents killed the story before it could achieve its goal of forcing Jenny Shepard and Jethro Gibbs to become an official couple in a modern setting.

Character Death Edit

Cali shot and killed the foster parents: George (no last name) as a bit character and Caitlyn (no last name) as a minor Sue. (Due to misused pronouns, Caitlyn survived being in the care of her dead mother for the first six months of her life. Cali decided that elevated her from bit character to minor Sue.) Then, with the help of Miah (who was suffering from Sueicosis due to the high glitter content of the air), Cali subdued Kayla Shepard, charged her, and shot her in the head. Cali and Miah then set explosive charges around the foster parents' home, which was the best-defined location in the fic, and set fire to the whole glittery mess.

Effects on the PPC Edit

The world was so ill-defined and revolved so much around Kayla's fluff and glitter that it was formed entirely from nebulous clouds of pink glitter with urple fluff ground cover. When minimal scene-setting did take place, the generic buildings were formed directly from the glitter. This was the first reported instance of Generic Surface being replaced directly by glitter.

There were four other, much younger, foster children in the home whose only purpose in the fic was to demonstrate the Sue's awesome powers of making everyone love her and do her bidding. They were rescued by Cali and currently reside in the PPC Nursery. They are Hannah, Kyle, Kevin, and Helen Still Bellisario. Only Kyle and Kevin are biologically related.

The children make somewhat regular appearances in Miah and Cali's continuing missions, and have even been mentioned in other PPC writings that highlight the residents of the Nursery.

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