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Kayla Richards, also known as "Scout," joined the PPC in March 2008.

Agent Profile[]


Kayla, a native Alabaman born and bred, is a former outdoor pursuits instructor who ended up in the PPC via the most common method — random plothole — a couple of weeks into March 2008. She was one of the newbies who ended up in the Operations area during the Macrovirus Epidemic and ended up as one of Osbert's Raiders, acquitting herself well in the subsequent Mary Sue Invasion. She was assigned to the Department of Mary Sues afterwards, in the Freelance Division, but was not given a partner until January 2010, when a young Floater by the name of Teek Virtanen was transferred over to her. Kayla was very pleased by this decision, and continues to be so.


She is about 5'9", with a medium build, reddish-brown hair and green eyes. She's stronger than she looks, having been following her career in outdoor pursuits for several years before the PPC. Having a fondness for dark colours means her usual clothing style gives her the ability to blend into shadows with ease.


She's friendly and outgoing, more than willing to strike up a conversation with anyone who's interested in having a chat. However, she doesn't take crap from anyone, and will willingly tell somebody if she thinks they are being out of order.

While she can be incredibly focused on-duty, off-duty she's known by most of the people who know her as something of a party girl. She has also exhibited something of a maternal side, particularly towards her wildly erratic partner.


As a member of Osbert's Raiders, Kayla is the scout of her squad — Thatcher Company, Platoon B, Squad Three, or Thatcher B3. She's exceptionally skilled with knives and stealth work, which is one of the reasons for her code name of "Scout," the other being that one of her favourite books, To Kill a Mockingbird, is set in her home state. Associations were made.

Mission Logs[]

Home: Response Centre #1123

Partnered with Teek[]

  • "Third Time's the Charm"
    • Kayla's first appearance is an interlude, in which she receives her very first partner. January 2010.
  • "A Cover Story"
    • Teek exhibits signs of homesickness, and Kayla helps out. June/July 2010.