Kayla Morrison is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues. She is written by Lilac Lielac.

Agent Profile Edit

Kayla stands at about 4'10". Without her green hair dye she looks like what she calls "the unholy lovechild of a Malfoy and a Weasley", and she's fairly skinny.

Kayla has a fairly deadpan, dry sense of humor, and a vicious streak she unleashes when someone's been screwing around with her favorites again. Despite her hatred of seeing her favorites pulled out of whack, she's practically addicted to reading bad fanfiction.

Agent HistoryEdit

Kayla was recruited in late January of 2013 HST, and shortly after moving in to her Response Center and taking a nap she was woken up by the console of the agents across the hall. This was followed by her first mission, as the Flowers that Be decided to have Ted and Heather along while Kayla ground her teeth at horrendous Harry Potter badfic. Kayla gained a mini-Aragog named Flitwich during this madness.

Several months later, in mid-April 2013 HST, Kayla gained a partner.

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