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Agent Katie Cray is in the Department of Bad Slash, Division of Bad Het. She is commonly only referred to by her surname. Cray's current partner is Gypsy Roberts.

She was created by JulyFlame, then used by Trojanhorse Heales-Shadowfax.

Agent Profile[]


Cray has dyed green hair (normally kept in pigtails) and enough body piercings to be in severe danger from strong magnets, though the only ones commonly visible are her eyebrow barbell, nose piercing, and those in her ears.


Cray tends to be a small bane to those who know her due to her general recklessness and disregard for the safety of anyone, which quickly leads to other agents assigned to her as a partner either asking for new partners very quickly or ending up in Medical. This manic behavior has led to her partner believing that Cray is out to get her. Because Gypsy is paranoid and has a very itchy trigger finger, her reactions to Cray's behaviour mean that Cray now believes that Gypsy is out to get her.

Agent History[]

Cray is originally from the Marvel Universe.

Until her move to the brand new Division of Bad Het, Cray had been attempting to be transferred into the Disturbing Acts of Violence Department through the use of two alligators. Attempts to explain that DAVD does not cause said disturbing acts had no apparent success, but the recent move to DBH will hopefully stop Cray from immediately asking for another transfer.

Agent Cray still seems to have the alligators in her possession.

Hopefully, her new partner Gypsy will keep Cray under control.


During the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion, Cray began to exhibit the power of psychic speech after she was seriously injured. As of yet, it is not known whether this power manifested because of the injury, or was simply awakened by it, or neither. She is rather taken with this ability, however, and has a tendency to alternate her speech between vocals and telepathy, much to the irritation of everyone around her.

Mission Reports[]

Home: Response Centre #45

Partnered with Gypsy[]