Katie Bowman is a technician in the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology. She is written by Iximaz, but is available for borrowing as long as Iximaz gets to look over the bit she appears in first.


Katie was once a badfic writer and a proud fangirl of the Ranger's Apprentice series. Her bad writing attracted the attention of the Araluen Fanfiction Academy and she was enrolled as a student. There, she met Alex Dives, and upon graduating, decided to go with him to the PPC and joined as a technician.


Katie has brown eyes and long brown hair, which she keeps braided away from her face. She’s very strong and is in good shape, thanks to the Ranger training she had to experience as part of AFA’s curriculum. She normally wears boots, tattered jeans, and tank tops, and is usually seen carrying around welding gear. Her face and arms are almost always smudged with grease and her eyes have the permanent “tired, but happy” look of someone who loves their job but has way too much work to do. She wears her honorary silver oak leaf pendant of an AFA graduate with pride.


Katie is very brash and loud, and has no qualms about voicing whatever happens to be on her mind. She’s also quite defensive of her past as a badfic author, though she’s on good terms with the AFA staff and occasionally returns to teach the computer-based classes.

Though she’s usually very outgoing, Katie can get quite flustered when she’s complimented on her work and tries to deflect or downplay praise. Years of compliments on her terrible writing have made her rather distrustful of such things. She’s an absolute whiz with spaceships, though, and will happily give you a speech on why T-65 X-wings are inherently superior to any other fighter ship in the multiverse.


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