Agent Kat (or possibly Miss Kat?) with Fire Emblem canon Lowen. Art by Vyctori.

Kat Daydream is one of the founding members of the All-Purpose Department, originally the All-Purpose Department of Fire Emblem. Her partner is Echo Kazul. She was written by Echo.

Kat is a Calgor, a race of cat-like humanoids invented by Echo for a story she never finished. Kat is covered in soft, tawny fur with a white spot on the tip of her nose. Her eyes are green. Despite her large paws tipped with claws, she does have opposable thumbs and is dextrous enough to manipulate game controls (important for canon research). When not in disguise, she wears a simple robe.

She is generally cheerful and doesn't sweat what she considers to be small stuff. Being a cat-person, she is easily distracted by birds, mice, shiny objects, thoughts of food, and her favorite characters. She doesn't lust after humans, but she does like Lowen from Rekka no Ken for his fuzzy hair and the fact that he is almost as obsessed with cooking as she is with eating.

She believes in always being prepared and carries a hammerspace duffel bag that can hold anything, up to and including a portable generator in Kat's case, without getting any heavier. She picked it up on her first mission (not recorded) and refers to it as her Sue-bag.

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