Not to be confused with Kana Horrendous the Third.

Kana is an agent who typically works in the Bleach Division of the Department of Mary Sues, although she is willing to take on missions from various other fandoms. Her partner is Agent Cerrin. She is a semi-fic blip, and takes great offense at any comparisons to Sues or idiotic non-canons.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Agent Kana is of average height and medium build. She has long purple hair tied up in a bun with a long plait hanging from it. Her eyes are light purple. She always wears her Shinigami uniform unless she is required to wear a disguise on a mission.

Personality Edit

Kana is intelligent and very arrogant, and dislikes idiotic behaviour. She will rant when she sees Sues messing up the canon. She is methodical in her work and her hobbies. She has very little patience for people she considers less intelligent than herself and constantly berates her partner Cerrin when she does stupid things. She shows disturbing homicidal tendencies if her Lust Object (Kenpachi Zaraki) is threatened by a Sue, and will perform acts of violence that would make most Squad Eleven members quiver with fear. She also keeps a secret stash of nm&nm's in her office, but no one knows where (no one has attempted to find out).

History Edit

Kana was recruited by Agent Risa and Agent Ansela. She was deemed good enough to live, as her character was only there to make a Sue look good. She had to learn shikai by herself, which she found difficult because her zanpakutō spirit is as arrogant as she is.

Zanpakutō Edit

Like all Shinigami, Kana has a zanpakutō. Its name is Hitsujinomure, which roughly translates to "flock of sheep." Its spirit is a sheep. When released, it changes shape to a wooden shepherd's crook, and creates gaseous purple sheep that float around before exploding into sleeping dust.

Mission Reports Edit

Home: The Department of Mary Sues, Bleach Division

Kana and Cerrin have been on two missions so far. On their first, they slew a Sue named Kanami Kimura. Their second mission is still ongoing.

Partnered with Cerrin Wyver Edit

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