Kaguya Hazama ((はざま) 香久也(かぐや) Hazama Kaguya) is a Department of Mary Sues agent written by KnShirayuki.

Agent Profile


A strikingly handsome man firmly in bishōnen territory: straight, sleek black hair reaching his nape, black eyes and pretty lips. He more often than not wears hair decorations – either kumihimo cords or kanzashi hairpieces – and makeup, and occasionally wears glasses. He often wears Japanese clothes: simple hakama, nagagi or yukata, with the most modern style he wears being Taishō male student attire, and also owns a montsuki haori coat with the department flash patch as the mon. He has been remarked as looking more like a lacquered kokeshi doll than an actual person.


A cultured young man with a special interest for traditional Japanese culture and video games. He seemingly operates in two "modes": normally soft and pleasant and occasionally slightly playful, but when it comes to badfics, he is easily irritated and unforgiving in his criticism. While in latter "mode", he has a tendency to wind up in incredibly weird and amusing accidents, but nevertheless can carry out a Sue sentencing and killing when the moment comes due to catharsis.


  • He was born to father Takeo 竹郎 and unnamed mother in World 1.3291 Japan. His family, the Hazama, own and run an upscale hotel chain, thus he grew up with a wealthy family background.
  • Among many Japanese traditions he's interested in, he's a trained tea ceremonist. He was taught the Urasenke school of tea ceremony, granted the tea name Munehisa 宗久, and was the president of tea ceremony club through middle and high school. At his parents' request, he also helped with cultural experience service at their hotel as a tea ceremonist.
  • He was in university when he was recruited.
  • He is a fluent English user and has tutored his maid Momoka in it.

Mission Reports

Home: Elegant Adventures from RC 381


Partnered with Momoka


  • RC 381's number is preferably read miyabi ("elegance") via goroawase wordplay.
  • The agent's surname is a reference to the character Kan'ichi Hazama (間 貫一) from the novel The Golden Demon (金色夜叉 Konjiki Yasha) by Meiji author Kōyō Ozaki. His first name is a reference to the main character Lady Kaguya from the folktale Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. RC 381's first interlude reveals he's actually named after the fairytale character in-universe.
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