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Agent Justin Agent, real name Virfir, was a member of the Department of Internal Operations, and one of very few dwarves in HQ. It's unknown what name he joined the PPC under – he adopted the name he usually went by after joining the DIO, to emphasise the fact that he is just an agent. He is written by Huinesoron.

While a member of the DIO, Justin did not go on missions for them. Instead, he was the Controller, filling the roles of the various Administration Departments – Personnel and Intelligence especially – and protecting DIO Central from intruders. He also spent much of his time removing any reference to the existence of the DIO from HQ's network. When the DIO was shut down, he was sent to Dwarf Fortress, but was able to escape and join a freelance organisation of dimensional travellers.


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Justin appears in Nita Kerys and Peter Piper's mission reports.