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Most of the dinosaurs in these movies are from the Cretaceous period, actually.

Jurassic Park refers to two novels by Michael Crichton which were made into a popular movie series. The books are heavily based on science and its perils—especially "playing god." Some of the science in it is technically possible, but most of it's plain and straight bad biology. There are several errors in the movies that paleontologists and dinosaur fans may find head-bangingly bad, as well as out-dated depictions of dinosaurs paired with errors in paleochronology.

The films and books are pretty cool, though, so they're forgiven on account of being entertainment rather than a scientific documentary.

The movies were adapted by Steven Spielberg, and mostly follow the books... except for a third movie, which was directed by Joe Johnston and was a sequel. A fourth movie, Jurassic World, was released on June 12, 2015; directed by Colin Trevorrow, it returned to the style of the first one, and went on to break numerous records during its opening weekend, including the biggest opening weekend in North America, and the highest-grossing opening worldwide.

In Badfic[]

"Clever girl..."

Jurassic Park badfic may focus on the relationships of the human cast of the story far too much, as in far too much for people who are being chased by dinosaurs, or may exploit post-trauma angst for hurt/comfort. Gary Stus able to kill all the dinosaurs are not unheard of, or even for the dinosaurs themselves to be Sued, especially the raptors. Mary Sues appear suddenly—for example, living in peace with the dinosaurs, or even turning into them. Dinosaurs, once again especially raptors, molesting people instead of eating them are depressingly common.

Expect any overly sexual dinosaurs to have mammalian genitals or overly large equipment.

In the PPC[]

Only one agent from this continuum is known: Velociripper - and even then, only technically so, due to being created by a megacrossover involving at least ten other continua. He is basically what you get when you cross a Velociraptor with Light Yagami from Death Note.

Jurassic Park minis are mini-Tyrannosaurus rex.

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