Julien is one half of the agent pair that runs a Magic: The Gathering card shop in HQ.

Agent HistoryEdit

Before the PPCEdit

Julien worked as a judge on DCI-sanctioned (official) MTG tournaments. This job, however, was not as fulfilling as he hoped it would be and left him almost suffering from Burn-Out Syndrome. Since he knew a fair share of the flavor and spent his free time reading MTG books, he decided to put his knowledge to use.

Partnered with GregEdit

In HQ, Julien was assigned to an RC with Greg, his current partner. There, he also decided to fulfill an old dream: open his own MTG card shop. Greg, being himself, joined him.

Agent ProfileEdit


Julien is an average man in his thirties with grayish brown eyes and brown hair. The latter doesn't really show since he prefers to be bald and regularly shaves his head. So no, he's not naturally bald. He likes light clothes like short-sleeved shirts and short cargo pants (always filled with a pack of card sleeves, some booster packs and a note block with assorted pens).


Usually, Julien is a friendly fellow. You'll see him looking neutral to happy, most of the time, even though he can get a bit smug when it's about winning games. From time to time, he shows a pedantic streak, but in general, he's pretty laid back.

Also, he's prone to changing topics mid-dialogue.


Julien knows the MTG tournament rules. All of them, and by heart. Having been a tournament judge also strengthened his ability to deal with more difficult people and negotiate with rules lawyers.


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